Social Media & Video Identity: Asking For It

Asking For It is a book written by Louise O'Neill that turned into a play adapted by Meadhbh McHugh in collaboration with Annabelle Comyn. Landmark Productions was responsible for the production of the play, which has been a huge success. I've been contacted by Landmark Productions to work with their existing branding for the play and create their social media videos, gifs and imagery.

The Story & Solution

Emma (Lauren Coe) is a teenager from Cork that is sexually abused in a high-school party. The problem is that no one believes her statement and the images of the abuse are shared on social media.

Landmark Productions had an internal branding for Asking For It and they contacted me to work with their photos, production videos, interview videos and create teasers that would reflect the story's background, but without spoiling the story. After my research about the play and receiving their brief, I've come up with a solution that would reflect Emma's daily environment (her school, hence the school locker on the background), victim-blaming (insulting words present at the story) and tease with the consequences of people sharing images on social media (flashes and close-ups on cast bodies). All the content below was edited by myself.

Teaser Video

Interview Videos

Responsive Social Media Covers

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