Crowe's EMEA Conference Dublin 2018 Gift Package

Crowe's 2018 EMEA Conference was hosted in Dublin. The event is an opportunity to bring together partners and employees from the international company offices. In 2018 I've been requested to Design a cultural Irish Package for their attendees, including a custom-made Bodhrán Design and a brochure with information about Dublin and Irish culture.

The Bodhrán Design

The Bodhrán is a traditional Irish musical instrument with uncertain origins. It is pronounced bow-rawn and produced with a wooden body and a goatskin head. It is a memorable souvenir that was given during the EMEA Conference and used in one of the crowd activities.

Crowe have decided to order an EMEA's Conference Dublin unique Design for the Bodhrán by me, and they wanted the values of the company to be represented by the most traditional art in these instruments: Celtic Symbols. We decided that the company's Pinnacle would be represented as the heart of the piece, so I turned to research for the appropriate symbols.

This trinity symbol, as most others, reflects core concepts such as: Mind, Body, Spirit. The negative space in the center of this symbol symbolizes the center of all influences.

The branches of a triskelion are most commonly depicted as three whorls or spirals emerging from a shared point of origin.

The shamrock has been used as a national symbol since the 18th century due to its association with Ireland’s patron saint – St. Patrick.

Celtic Cross
This is believed to be a sun symbol to the creators of the stone circle, which became a sacred shape to the Celts.

Celtic Knots
The Celtic Knots are present in most of the traditional Irish designs.

The typography research led me the classic Stonehenge typeface.


After extense research and primary sketches, the client was delighted with all the different concepts, and chose design number 6. The Pinnacle represents Crowe's brand attributes such as Integrity, Service and Quality. It is placed at the heart of the bodhrán design. In this design the Triquetra is chosen to reflect the Pinnacle symbol and represent the unbreakable union between the three key attributes of our brand. Due to its infinite path, the endless Celtic knot represents an uninterrupted life cycle. In this design it represents the enduring strength of the Crowe family.

Colours & Insular

The Bodhrán is a reflection of Crowe's brand, so I've decided to work only with their two colours, Amber and Indigo. It reflects consistency, the company's values and also gives the client the chance to print more Bodhráns at a smaller budget by using only two colours.

The final design was completed with a mark of the event with an Insular (Gaelic) script, which reads ‘Baile Átha Cliath MMXVIII’ or ‘Dublin 2018’.


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The brochure designed for the event includes 24 pages (including cover and back-cover) about the history of Dublin, places to go, a brief about the Bodhrán's Design and Origins, Jogging Map, Pub Crawl Map, etc. The entire Design and illustrations were designed by me in-house. The cover was designed to reflect important features of Dublin's Landscape and using the colour grey as cover as the colour is now official in Crowe's recent rebranding. This brochure was created considering a style that would be different from the usual Crowe brand, but maintaining its brand with colours, photos and cover/back-cover pages.


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